Birth support program in pills

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The aim of these pills is to answer the most frequent questions of pregnant mothers such as when to go to hospital, what happens during labour, childbirth, feeding the baby, the importance of breastfeeding and body that changes during pregnancy and ultimately the return home with the new born.

On this journey you will be accompanied by expert professionals: midwives, gynecologists and neonatologists, anesthetists, pediatric nurses and psychologists.

Furthermore, together with the professionals of the family counseling, there will be an accompanying path for mother and child as a continuity of care to support the mother in this first period of the new adventure she will face.

Mothers, you will never be alone but you will always have the support of the professionals at the Mangiagalli Clinic


The pills are curated by the professionals of the Mangiagalli Clinic:

Gynecologists and Midwives - Obstetrics
Neonatologists and Pediatric Nurses - Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care
Anesthesiologists - Anesthesia and Intensive Care for Women and Children
Counseling psychologists


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