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Device for positioning a bedridden patient

WO 2016/147070
  • Medical device.
  • Easy and quick positioning of patients in the lateral.
  • Trendelenburg position.
  • Prevention of respiratory pathologies in patients undergoing mechanical ventilation.
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A medical device designed to mantain patients (sedated/tracheally intubated/mechanical ventilated) in the lateral-Trendelenburg position preventing ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP).


VAP is the most common acquired infection in critically ill mechanically ventilated patients. According to current guidelines, intubated patients are kept in the semirecumbent position (30°) to prevent gastroesophageal reflux. Consistent laboratory evidence demonstrated increased VAP preventive efficacy when the trachea and tracheal tube were oriented slightly below horizontal to promote the outward drainage of oropharyngeal secretions, avoiding bacterial translocation from the oropharynx into the lungs. A tracheal orientation below horizontal can be achieved with the lateral-Trendelenburg position (-5°). A prospective multicenter randomized clinical trial showed the potential of the lateral-Trendelenburg position to reduce microbiologically confirmed VAP in critically ill intubated patients (Li Bassi G, Panigada M et al. Intensive Care Med. November 2017;43:1572– 84) and a new trial on a targeted population is on its way


In order to maintain the lateral-Trendelenburg position, nurses currently use at least four cushions, which need to be frequently repositioned because of displacements due to patients occasional movements. Morover, to achieve the most confortable position for the patients a long time is required. The development of a device that can easily adapt to the shape of the patient’s body could help maintaining the lateral-Trendelenburg position, reducing the nursing workload and preventing ventilator associated pneumonia.

Intellectual Property

  • Patent granted in Italy, USA.
  • Patent pending in Europe.


Panigada Mauro.

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Laura Spinardi
PhD - Technology Transfer Office Manager
Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan - Italy