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Dairy product for patients with reduced renal function

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Nutrition of patients with reduced renal function or on dialysis.

- Possibility of eating cheese that is usually contraindicated in patients with reduced renal function.

- Reduction of the absorption of phosphorus contained in other foods.

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Diary products for patients with reduced renal function (particularly if on dialysis).


Patients with kidney disease have several dietary limitations that make their diet unappealing with detrimental consequences as adherence to prescriptions, malnutrition and overall poor quality of life. Cheese, an important component of the Western diet, has high phosphorus content thus its consumption is generally restricted in patients with impaired renal function. Patients with chronic kidney disease represent about 9% of the general population*. In conclusion, this dairy product may reduce dietary limitations of patients on RRT with significant benefits on: malnutrition, adherence to P binders prescription and ultimately to quality of life.

*The Lancet vol. 395, issue 10225, p. 709-733, Feb 29, 2020 - Global, regional, and national burden of chronic kidney disease, 1990–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017


Policlinico Hospital Researchers developed and tested a procedure to produce a special cheese in which milk is pre-added with CaCO3 to prevent the absorption of phosphorus contained in the cheese itself and in other foods. The cheese was then provided to a cohort of patients on dialysis to test its efficacy and palatability in comparison with a standard product. The mean increase (and sd) in serum phosphorus observed during the interdialysis period were as follows: standard product: 2.8 (0.85) mg/dL, Policlinico cheese 2.4 (0.61) mg/dL (p<0.01). All patients appreciated both products equally.

Intellectual Property

  • Patent granted in Italy.
  • Patent application filed in France, Germany.


  • Gianluigi Ardissino
  • Antonio Groppelli
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Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan - Italy