Research Line

Innovative strategies in organ and cell transplantation and approach to the transplant candidate /
Anatomical Pathology

Relationship between tumor microenvironment and immunological response:
Research activity focuses on histological and molecular evaluation of the complex relationship between the tumor microenvironment of neoplasms of the thoracic context (pleura and lungs), and the immunologic component, to identify new drugs that may in fact revive the immunologic response against the tumor.

Regarding brain tumors, the research target involves glioma stem cells with the study of the enzyme V-ATPase, which is involved in tumor growth and maintenance of the tumor stem niche.

  • Laser microdissector
  • Immunostainers
  • Digital pathology scanner and analysis system
  • National Cancer Institute, Italy
  • National Institute of Molecular Genetics, Italy
  • European Institute of Oncology, Italy
  • University of Milan, Italy
  • Humanitas Clinical Institute, Italy
  • The Wistar Institute, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • The University of Colorado Denver, USA

1 full professor of pathological anatomy, 1 university researcher, 2 research fellows, 1 laboratory technician