Custodians of one of the greatest collections of art, photography and historical books


Founded in 1456 by the Duke Francesco Sforza, the Policlinico is one of the oldest hospitals in Italy. Today, despite being a modern hospital, it has not forgotten its six centuries of history and its immense artistic and cultural heritage: the magnifi cent rooms, created in the seventeenth century to accommodate the meetings of the “Chapter”, or the ancient managing board, host the Historical Archive.

The collection of works of art includes over 900 portraits of benefactors (some painted by artists such as Hayez, Segantini, Carrà) and the Hospital banner realized by Gio Ponti in 1932, in a complex that also includes one of the biggest Historical libraries of medicine in Europe and an impressive collection of medical instruments.

Thanks to its passion and love for art and culture, the Policlinico organizes exhibitions, events and meetings to valorise and raise public awareness of the great treasures housed, evidence of the benefactor’s love for our Hospital.

The Policlinico is also the largest landowner in Lombardy with over 80 thousand square metres of land. Valorisation of this land and management of the real estate assets contributes to funding biomedical Research.