The New Policlinico
The greatest architectural work of the last 90 years that redesigns the center of Milan

The New Policlinico will be a hospital open and accessible not only to patients and their families, but to the whole city. In the heart of Milan, dedicated treatment paths will be created as well as places designed for relaxation and for experiencing everyday life. Among the strengths of the New Policlinico, which will be the largest and most modern hospital in the heart of the city, are the construction of a pedestrian gallery with services and commercial activities and that of a raised park, which will constitute a large 'green lung' such as the Milan Cathedral.


Ezio Belleri – General Director


   "It was a long journey for the construction of the new hospital, but one that starts again today with renewed energy . It is a complex work , which we are carrying out in the city center without interrupting the treatment and research . The company to which we entrust the realization was selected by an independent Commission on the basis of very precise and transparent requirements, and its offer was found to be the best to implement our Executive Project, already approved by the Lombardy Region. ours will not only be a new hospital, but also a new way of responding to the care needs of patients and citizens".

Marco Giachetti – Chairman


“What we are talking about is not just the construction of a state-of-the-art hospital in the city centre, but a major project with implications for the entire city territory from a social, urban planning, architectural, cultural and environmental point of view. The centuries-old history of our hospital is intertwined with the great philanthropy of the Milanese and Lombards, which has allowed us to accumulate a huge heritage whose management is the key to the success of this project. A generosity that is now being returned to the city, thanks also to a Social Housing Fund and the project for a City History Museum”.


The structure will consist of two blocks of 7 floors (including the ground floor) joined by a central block of 3 floors, all with access to two underground floors.

The New Hospital

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