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The Lombardy health system is regarded as a model of efficiency recognised throughout Italy and in the world. In particular the city of Milan has a role of primary importance in the scientific and medical world, and can guarantee the highest quality standards that make it the real Italian centre of health and Research. Located in the heart of Milan, the Policlinico stands out for its strong roots within the territory and its relationship with citizenry, characterized by a strong bond of belonging, by participation and by sharing, ensuring that the hospital be seen as the heritage of all, built and fuelled collectively.

The Policlinico’s mission has always aimed at reinserting citizens in the city’s active life. This strong vocation, that through the centuries has anticipated the modern Welfare system, is enhanced by another distinctive characteristic of the hospital: the wealth of specializations, centres of excellence and highly qualified professionals. This provides the best health treatments at every age, from before conception to adulthood.

Thanks to its primary role in the city of Milan, the Policlinico is part of an international network which defines it as a continually evolving reality, also thanks to the medical and scientific connections developed with the main Research centres all over the world.

Policlinico today

The Policlinico is a reference within National and International networks of Research and treatment. In fact it is a reference for pregnancies and treatment of women’s pathologies that are handled at its Mangiagalli Clinic, which has the most active obstetrics gynaecology first aid in Lombardy.

The hospital is also home to the Nord Italia Transplant program (NITp), that coordinates transplants for an area with over 20 million citizens and that, from 1972 to date, has made possible over 32 thousand organ transplants, with success rates at one year from transplant that exceed 90%.

The Policlinico further stands out for being the regional centre of reference for the treatment of rare diseasesstrong> where experts are able to follow over 300 pathologies of the adult and child. Every year, in average, about 3.000.000 outpatient services, and about 36.000 hospitalizations.

The new Policlinico

We are not only talking about building a hospital at the forefront in the city centre, but of a large project with social, urban, architectural, cultural and environmental implications for all the city area. The centuries-old history of our hospital is interconnected with the great philanthropy of the Milanese and the people of Lombardy, that has allowed us to accumulate an enormous wealth whose management is the key for the success of this project and is a generosity that will now be returned to the citizens”.

Marco Giachetti, President of the Policlinico of Milan

the new policlinico

The new Policlinico will be an open and accessible hospital not only for patients and their families, but for all the city. The project, at which the architect Stefano Boeri has collaborated, envisages the creation, at the heart of Milan, of dedicated care pathways but also places designed to relax and live the everyday life. Among the strengths of the New Policlinico, that will be the biggest and most modern hospital at the heart of the city, is the building of a Pedestrian gallery with services and commercial activities and that of an overhead park, that will form a ‘green lung’ as large as the Duomo of Milan.