Technical Scientific Committee

The Technical Scientific Committee is a board composed of physicians, researchers and technicians.

It has advisory and support functions for clinical-scientific and research activities and It is chaired by the Scientific Director.

The members, with the exception of the Scientific Director, hold office for three years and may be reappointed.



Fabio Blandini - Scientific Director


Internal members

Ferruccio Ceriotti - Clinical Pathology

Stefano Gatti - Preclinical Research Function

Flora Peyvandi - Medicine - Hemostasis and Thrombosis

Luciano Baronciani - Medicine - Hemostasis and Thrombosis


External members

Stefania Corti - Neurology

Antonio Pesenti - Anesthesia and Adult Intensive Care Unit


Elective appointed members

Elio Angelo Scarpini - Neurodegenerative diseases

Carlo Virginio Agostoni - Pediatrics Immunoreumatology

Mimma Sternativo - Nursing Coordinator

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