Since the very beginning of the Covid 19 emergency, Milan Polyclinic has been able to react promptly and effectively thanks to its major and minor donors. Women, men, little girls and boys, artists, institutions, companies have come together to support the mission that we are still carrying on with commitment and sacrifice.

They helped us to raise over 10.5 million euros: 8 million in cash and 2.5 million in materials, devices and equipment needed to face the emergency.*

Here is what your donations are for*:



In healthcare equipment: radiology, laboratory and IT supplies, needed to set up the new equipment and for setting up the new, Covid-dedicated intensive care hospital wards and sub intensive areas.


In tangible assets such as technological devices and sanitation equipment.


In enhancing the clinical and research activities of the following wards: Anesthesia and Resuscitation, Broncho Pneumology, Women's and Child’s area, Diabetology, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, Medicine with high-intensity care, Liver Transplant and for Covid related research departments.


In personal protective equipment.


In adapting the hospital’s structure to the new flow of patients and to create new safe care paths at the beginning of the pandemic emergency.


In additional reception and hospitalization facilities for patients.

*data updated up to November 2020

Here what we have accomplished

Here is who you helped


Francesco turned 18 years old just two weeks before Covid-19 burst in Italy. The pandemic literally changed his life: in fact, even though he was young and perfectly healthy, the virus infected him and irreparably damaged his lungs, 'burning' his ability to breathe normally. He was saved by a record transplant carried out at the Milan Polyclinic, a procedure that previously had only been attempted in China, where the Coronavirus spread first.

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Giulia, 24, was pregnant in early 2020. Everything had started well and proceeded even better: seven months carried out with serenity and trepidation, until the 36th week when she was diagnosed with a mild pneumonia and tested positive to the Covid swab. It was back in April, during the spike of the Covid-19 infections. In those days, everyone was crying at Giulia's house. But with perfect timing the waters broke the day she received the result of her second swab which came back: negative. Her first thought was: I can hug my baby.

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Angelo is 57 years old and he is one of the Milan’s Polyclinic Dermatologists. He was one of the first Italian patients who tested positive to the new Coronavirus. The virus took away his breath and a lot of his energies, but not his scientific approach: he had the patient he knew better at hand. Thus he began to observe and note the symptoms, to study them, to discuss them with colleagues and international scientists. Angelo was the first to point out that Covid-19 could 'steal' taste and smell, and to notice the appearance of micro-vesicles. The result was an international scientific publication and the 'Skin Covid-19' project, aimed at creating a national register of dermatological symptoms.

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The care and the research don’t stop.


Why is it essential to support research?

Each patient we treat in our wards provides us with valuable information for our medical researchers.


Since the beginning of the emergency, our research teams have activated several studies and tests in order to understand the disease and its many manifestations. Our research aims at:

Studying the genetic factors that predispose to the development of the most severe forms of the disease;

Identifying the risk factors;

Identifying the factors that determine blood coagulation;

Developing new pharmacological and ventilatory strategies and conducting studies concerning the presence of the infection in pregnant women and children.

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Policlinico di Milano is grateful to Elisabetta Pisa for the english translation.

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