Thanks to the many donors and their generous support, in record time the Policlinico of Milan managed to set up 300 beds dedicated to the Coronavirus emergency. We have accomodated and protected thousands of people and every health care worker has been in the position to carry out its work in the best possible way.

But the outbreak doesn’t stop overnight.

For that reason we need to keep putting in place all the resources available to fight it back, such as the research through studies to develop new therapies and vaccines.

Please keep helping us
by making an extraordinary donation to support the research.


Why is the research in the frontline
of the Covid-19 emergency?

Because every patient treated in our wards becomes precious source of data and information for our medical researchers.


Since the onset of the emergency, infact, our research teams have run studies and tests to better understand the desease, and its range of manifestations. The research aims to: study the genetic factors that predispose to the development of the most serious cases, the identification of the risk factors, the blood coagulation factor, new strategies of medication and ventilatory approaches and studies focused on expectant women and children affected by Covid-19.


Please, keep supporting us,
because Cure and Research don’t stop.

How to donate

Bank transfer
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will go directly
to Policlinico

Credit Card
On fundraising platforms
a small amount of the donation
may be withheld

Donation details

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Donations are deductible: if you fill the tax identification number field, we will issue a document for tax deduction purpose.

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Here what we have accomplished

thanks to the contribution of more than 5000 donors who have supported Policlinico while addressing this extraordinary emergency

Guarda il video
Video / What we have done and will do to fight against the pandemic, thanks to you

So far we have raised € 8,004,677.81 which we will continue to invest tirelessly in health care and scientific research to combat Covid-19. THANKS!

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