about us

The IRCCS Fondazione Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico is a reality of absolute importance in the Italian view for the extraordinary richness of its cultural heritage, which constitutes a homogeneous system of considerable size and complexity. Unique in his gender among the health realities of Lombardy, the Foundation provides a service specifically dedicated to the own precious Cultural heritage.

Alfredo Ravasco - Gio Ponti,
Crowning auction of the banner, 1935
The Service:
- preserves, protects and safeguards the artistic assets which the Foundation owns, and also programms adequate restauration;
- handles the inventory, tabulating, and highlights the benefits of the entire storical records, the library documentation and the photographic storage;
- gathers, and guards the medical surgical and historical intrest health equipment;
- allows the access to avail the materials, promouts the studys and the reaserches for the enhanting and the patrimony's heritage.
- provides the back-up consultation for the Corporationís constitutionaly, amministrative and communicative activity; the Service particulary handles the running depositary records, by assuming the administration files of the last forthy years;
- it offers hints and assistance for Corporationís treatment properties and monumental buildings.

The Cultural Heritage Service maintains constant collaboration with universities and other cultural institutions in Milan, is a member of the Societŗ Storica Lombarda (Lombard Historical Society) and the Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana (National Archivist Italian Association).